JKW Vocal + Performing Arts Studio

Under the direction of Jessica Kos-Whicher – The JKW Vocal and Performing Arts Studio focuses on cultivating confidence, technique, creativity and musicianship in aspiring artists of all ages, levels and interests. 

We believe that music and performance education should be both joyful and challenging – to build confidence in students so they can discover and reach their greatest potential. The JKW studio environment is a supportive and positive place that strives to encourage a culture of performance excellence, and a true freedom to express. It is a space to develop and hone a long-lasting passion and love for performance and music through a solid musical foundation.


Studio Foundations



Provide excellence in music & performance education


Offer a positive, joyful learning environment


Celebrate individuality and inspire creativity 


Instill confidence and passion in students 


“Some people think music education is a privilege, but I think it's essential to being human” 

-Jewel (singer/songwriter)