NEW Ultimate Music Theory:

Group lesson

The purpose of this class is to expand musical knowledge and develop honed skill in the understanding of music literacy. Offered as a group or individual lesson.

60 minute sessions

Number of sessions / term and session dependant on number of applicants and grade level

$38.00/session per child

Approximately $950.00/year





NEW Music Appreciation:

Group or individual

This class will introduce musical genres and very basic skills to small children (ages 3-6). Fostering love and appreciation for music in a group environment allows for friendships to be made and social skills to develop.

30-45 minute session 

8 sessions/term

$45.00/session per child



Individual Voice Lessons

(36 classes annually, regularly scheduled)

Evenings & Weekends:

Registration fee for returning student: $20.00, new student $30.00 (one time/year)

30 minutes – $25.00/ea. x 36 lessons = $900.00 (year) 

/10 months = $90.00/month

45 minutes – $37.50/ea. x 36 lessons = $1350.00 (year) 

/10 months = $135.00/month

60 minutes – $50.00/ea. x 36 lessons =$1800.00 (year) 

/10 months = $180.00/month

2 Recitals (December and June)


Casual/Drop-In Individual

Voice Lessons

case by case based on mutual schedules 

30 minutes – $30.00 per lesson

45 minutes – $45.00 per lesson

60 minutes – $60.00 per lesson

*admin, audition & application fees apply


*Please note all fees subject to change. Fees do not include admin fees, accompanist fees, audition, application fees & music purchasing.