"My girls have been singing with Jessica for the last four years.  Neither had taken a voice lesson prior.  Right from the start and to this day, Jessica is one of the most positive influences in their lives.  The unwavering love and support she has given them, not just for music, but as a mentor and a friend, is only one of the special qualities that makes Jessica amazing.  Her passion and confidence for what she does is obvious every time I hear my girls sing and every time her name is mentioned in our house.  She has given my eldest daughter the belief in herself to overcome her fear of singing alone in public to the point that she now looks forward to recitals. Jessica has been supportive, patient, and persistent in her dedication to helping my youngest daughter see the gift her voice is and her future potential in singing.  She has a way with kids and adults of all ages with her ever joyful, passionate, and spunky personality.  I can’t imagine anyone else getting the same results and being a more positive, loving, and fun mentor and friend to our entire family." 

- Theresa Kocis


"Our oldest daughter has been taking voice lessons with Jessica for the past two years and our youngest for the past year.  Both girls absolutely love Jessica and tell us that voice lessons are their favourite activity each week. The amount of growth and skill development we have seen in both girls has been astounding. In addition to quality lessons and teaching, Jessica is one of the most kind, loving, and compassionate people we have ever met.  You can see the joy she feels watching all of her students grow and perform.  Jessica is the type of teacher who celebrates all of her students’ successes both within the voice lessons and outside, fully supporting them in their other activities, and cheering them on. Her passion for music and her students is so evident.  We are so excited for Jessica and her upcoming expansion. We highly recommend her and know she will exceed your expectations. We are truly grateful for her teaching, her passion, and her character."

- The Demlers


"Within each lesson, Jessica shares her ever expanding-knowledge on music, performance, and theory with tremendous passion and understanding. Her ability to connect each learning point with individuals so they understand, as well as her contagious joy for everything music, makes her studio a safe environment that I look forward to going to every week."
- Hunter Watson
"Jessica has mastered how to be truly present as a teacher. She blends expertise, sensitivity, instinct, compassion, humour--but mostly she is just extraordinarily gifted as a singer. It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together, Jessica is truly amazing.”

- Michelle Turner


 "My son has been taking voice lessons with Jessica for two years. In that time his vocal skills have grown considerably, but more importantly so has his confidence. A gifted teacher, Jessica has a special ability to connect with her students and bring out the best in them. Jessica exudes positive energy and her obvious passion for music is contagious. When I was looking for a voice teacher, everyone recommended Jessica and now I know why. She’s truly the best!"

- Jody Van de Vijsel 


"My daughter and I feel very grateful to have Jessica in our lives.  Her love of music is evident – and her enthusiasm for the individuals she teaches is fantastic.  She inspires young people to believe in themselves – and she does it with a bold sense of fun, technical expertise and passion.  Thank you Jessica."
- Shauna & Amy


"Jessica is a great teacher who really cares about her students.  My daughter has improved her singing and performance skills so much this past year, and her confidence is soaring.  It is great to see as a parent! Jessica puts her heart and soul into her work, and it is a beautiful thing to learn from someone who loves what they do.  My daughter thoroughly enjoyed her lessons. The environment is fun and stress free.  We are so glad we found her.  She is a gem!"
- Marit Tollefson